The owner of a unit is a member of LITTLE OCEAN CLUB CONDOMINIUM, INC., a non-profit Florida corporation.  Annually directors are elected to administer, govern and regulate the condominium as set forth by the Florida statutes, the declaration of condominium documents of Little Ocean Club, Inc. and the bylaws of the corporation.

The Annual Meeting will be held in November on a date and at a time and place designated by the Board.  Board of Directors meetings will be held at the call of the President or Vice President.  

Notice of such meeting will be posted on the bulletin board next to the office door at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.  Such notice will include the proposed agenda.  

Owners are invited and encouraged to attend such meetings, however only one person from a unit may address a single subject.  Owners who desire to address an issue not on the agenda will give 24 hour written notice to the officer who posted the notice, indicating the subject for discussion. 


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This is an explanation of the basic documents which establish and governthe affairs of Little Ocean Club Condominium, Inc. When our community was first established in 1968 these documents were recorded in the official records of Martin County in Book 260 beginning at Page 88. The original records are not suitable for reproduction in this Manual, so they have been retyped. Book and page numbers of the originals have been inserted for historical reference in the interest of absolute accuracy. To make our use of these materials easier, new page numbers have been added at the bottom of each page. CLICK ON ITALICIZE HEADING TO VIEW

  • DECLARATION of CONDOMINIUM (Click here to download a copy of the document) - The Declaration is the document that actually creates the condominium. It establishes the covenants and restrictions which will affect the property and govern the residents during the existence of the condominium. It sets forth the basic rights and responsibilities of the residents, guests and tenants of the property.
  • The articles of incorporation, or corporate charter, is the document which establishes that part of the condominium responsible for the maintenance, management and operation of the common elements and condominium property. The articles define the membership rights of each unit and the voting rights which each unit owner has in the association's operation.  

  • BYLAWS (Click here to download a copy of the document) - While the articles of incorporation of the association define its basic structure and its areas of responsibility, the bylaws establish the procedures for carrying out these responsibilities. The operation of the association is controlled by the bylaws, together with other governing provisions.

  • RULES and REGULATIONS (Click here to download a cop of the document) - Rules and Regulations are supplemental provisions adopted by the membership. They are similar to the restrictions and covenants contained in the Declaration, and implement them.

NOTE HOWEVER: Documents adopted by an individual condominium are not necessarily the final authority. Federal and state law, in particular the "Condominium Act," Chapter 718, Florida Statutes, take precedence. Accordingly these provisions may have been effected by such laws and by court decisions.






Q. What financial reserve is a condominium required to maintain?

A. In addition to annual operating expenses, a separate portion of the budget must be set aside for capital expenses and deferred maintenance, more frequently referred to as "reserves."  State law requires at least three categories--roof replacement, building painting and  pavement resurfacing.  In addition, the law requires a reserve account for any item for which deferred maintenance expense or replacement cost is greater than $10,000. (718.112 (2) (f) 2, F. S.

Q. What are my voting rights in the condominium association? 

A:  Members are entitled to one vote for each apartment unit owned by them. If owned by more than one person, by a corporation, or by a husband and wife, see page B-2 of the Condo documents.

Q:   What restrictions exist in the condominium documents on my right to use my unit? 

A: Occupancy for a two bedroom unit is limited to six (6) persons.  For a three bedroom unit maximum occupancy is eight (8) persons. (See Rule 1.)  Units may be occupied only by a single family as its residence. No nuisances are allowed, nor any practice which is the source of annoyance to others. No immoral, improper, offensive or unlawful use shall be made of the property. Pets are subject to some restrictions.  

Q:   What restrictions exist in the condominium documents on the leasing of my unit?

A: Units may be rented without the approval of the Association, provided the occupancy is only by the lessee, his family, and guests while the lessee is present.  An owner desiring to rent his own unit must give notice to the Association prior to the commencement of the lease and must provide the name of the lessee and the terms of the lease.  Such notice is not required if rental is through the Rental Agent designated by the Association. No rental may be made for less than 30 consecutive days. Subletting is not permitted.  Any lease not in compliance with the terms of the Declaration is null and void.  

Q: Do I have to be a member in any other association? 

A:   NO

Q: Am I required to pay rent or land use fees for recreational or other commonly used facilities? 

A:   NO

Q: Is the condominium association or other mandatory membership association involved in any court cases in which it may face liability in excess of $100,000?

A:   NO




  • If I need information about Little Ocean Club who do I contact?  You would contact our property manager, Richard Krett.
  • If I have a complaint about something who do I contact?  First you would contact our property manager and/or the President by phone or email, if you are not satisfied with the answer; you can contact any board member.  If you want to send an email to our property manager and copy it to a board member, that would be fine and probably would get better results.
  • If I need something repaired in my unit, for example an appliance item, or painting, or other small jobs, who can I contact?  Owners are responsible for coordinating access to their unit for any repairs initiated by them.  The association and management are not responsible for providing keys or access to vendors contracted by individual owners. 
  • If I have an issue with our HVAC, water heater or have a plumbing need, who do I contact?  The association provides a list of vendors that you can make arrangements with the vendor directly to investigate and recommend to you what needs to be done.  
  • If I want to rent my unit who do I contact?  Owners are required to provide the association with advance notice of any lease.  A lease application can be found on the management’s web site (www.cpmwatch.com).  This application and a copy of the executed lease agreement must be submitted the association whether you rent your unit yourself or go through a rental agent.  
  • If I have a problem with our tenant while they are in residence who do I contact?  If you are leasing your unit through a rental agent, you will need to contact them to have them discuss the matter with the tenant.  If you rent your unit yourself then you will have to discuss the matter directly with the tenant. The association does not provide keys or access to the unit.
  • If I receive a violation letter from the property manager, who do I contact to resolve the issue?  If the issue is with the tenant then you need to contact the rental agent to discuss the matter with the tenant.  If you rent yourself or use another agent then you will need to discuss the matter with the tenant directly.  If the violation concerns you as owner then you need to discuss the matter with the property manager.
  • If I have an issue with my maintenance fee, a utility service that the association provides who do I contact?  You will need to contact our property manager to get the issue resolved.
  • If I have a complaint about another owner’s or tenant’s actions, who do I contact?  Please contact our property manager and thoroughly explain the issue and they will make the appropriate contact to discuss the complaint.
  • What are the rules and regulations of the association?  Each owner has an electronic as well as a paper copy of all rules and regulations, dos and don’ts, service vendors to contact, directory of owners, list of board of directors, contact information of property manager and rental agent, leasing requirement information and .  Each owner is expected to read and have available to those who use their units these documents.  Tenants are given copies of the documents with the lease agreement.  Pool area rules and regulations are posted in the pool area.
  • If we have some friends in to visit for a couple of days and I want to provide them parking spaces, can they park in other owners parking spaces that are not in residence?  LOC’s parking policy is that spaces in the LOC parking lot are for owners use only.  Visitors are to park across the street from LOC at Angler’s Cove in the spaces provided for LOC patrons.  
  • I have an SUV, am I allowed to park it in LOC’s main parking lot?  Oversized cars (which includes trucks, SUV’s) and other vehicles are to be parked in the lot across the street at Angler’s Cove in spaces that are provided.  Boats and other types of equipment are to be parked across the street as well.
  • If you have additional questions of “What if” please feel free to contact our property manager to get clarification on the question.



1.  Owners may rent their apartments to suitable tenants for single family use for not less than thirty (30) consecutive days. At least 15 days before the lease begins the owner or his agent must give notice to the Association of the name of the tenant and the terms of the rental and other information.  However, this requirement may be satisfied by leasing through a rental manager. Approval of leases by the Association is not required if occupancy is by the lessee and his/her family only and the owner assures compliance with leasing requirements.  Little Ocean Club does business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law, and does not discriminate against any person because of Race, Color, Religion, Sex, Handicap, Familiar Status or National Origin.

 2.  Guests are permitted, provided the host tenant is present during such time.  Children, when and wherever on premises, including the pool, must be under the active supervision of a responsible adult. When a unit is leased, the tenant has the right to use condominium property in lieu of the owner, who shall have none except as a guest by invitation.

3.  All occupancy is subject to the provisions of LOC Rules and Regulations.  Such provisions, including those governing number of occupants, pets, parking restrictions and swimming pool use, must be incorporated in the lease. Owners may include smoking and pet prohibitions and other lawful provisions. No subletting is allowed and no rooms may be rented or transients accommodated.

4.  Every authorized resident, whether owner, tenant or guest, while present at LOC is entitled to the quiet enjoyment of the premises.  Any activity that is the source of annoyance to others or which interferes with the peaceful and proper use of Little Ocean Club is prohibited.

Florida Statute 718.106(4
Owner's Manual p. D-24
LOC Rules A, 1,